London Dread (englisch)

London Dread ist ein kooperatives Spiel im Viktorianischen England. Die Spieler übernehmen die Rollen von Ermittlern und versuchen die Geschichte der jeweiligen Story aufzudecken. Das Spiel führt euch in verschiedenen düstere Story's die manchmal auch etwas übernatürliches haben. Wenn Ihr Abenteuer erleben wollt, dann werdet Ihr mit London Dread voll auf eure Kosten kommen.

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London Dread Logo

It is the late 1890s. The British Empire stretches around the globe. London has grown to become the greatest city in the world. It is a time of innovation, prosperity and expansion. But every paradise has a snake. In the heart of the capital, something terrible is rising. You can hear it in the voice of the madman crying out his psychotic visions into the night. Feel it in the cold, relentless rain. Smell it in the noxious fumes that seep from a thousand grinding factories. Darkness is coming. There is no hiding. The only way out is through. You pray your companions have the minerals to follow you to the end. There’s no need to speak. You know the questions that grind inside their troubled minds. Will you live through the night? Will you survive the London Dread?

London Dread is an expanding world of Victorian horror. Inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Joseph Conrad, H. P. Lovecraft, Sean Phillips, Ed Brubaker, and many others, it sets the scene for investigation stories of murder, madness and apocalyptic heroism in which a few determined individuals face off against the horrors of the Great Unknown.

London Dread Artwork

In London Dread, 2-4 players take on the roles of Victorian characters investigating a number of stories which come together to form an overarching narrative. The game is fully cooperative which means you all play against the game and win or lose as a team. The goal of each story is to reach the final showdown and bring down the Story’s Antagonist.

Each game of London Dread is a Story and the main part of each Story is called a Chapter. Most Stories have two Chapters. The only exception is the first story, The Letter, which is a single Chapter experience designed specifically for players new to the world of London Dread. Each Chapter has two Phases: a timed Planning Phase and an untimed Story Phase.

London Dread Artwork

In the Planning Phase you will find 24 cards scattered face down across the city of London. If you leave them face down, bad things will happen. If you turn them face up, even worse things might happen. Turning cards face up, however, is the only way you can deal with them and remove them from the board. Your task in the Planning Phase, therefore, is to strike the right balance between revealing cards – not too few, not too many – and planning your future investigations as effectively as possible.

During the Planning Phase, you have 12 minutes as a team to flip cards and plan your 12 Actions. Once the 12 minutes are up, you move on to the Story Phase. In the Story Phase, you go through your planned Actions one by one to see how they actually play out. You will learn that sometimes planning and outcome are very distant cousins. Finally, at the end of the 2nd Chapter (or at the end of the 1st Chapter when playing your first game), you will confront the Story’s Antagonist in the Endgame.

Your chances in the Endgame will be intimately connected to the way you played through the Chapters. If you win the game, you unlock the next story in the overall narrative.

London Dread Artwork


Was ist in der Box? Spieldaten
  • 1 Spielbrett
  • Spielerzahl: 2-4
  • 6 Charakterbögen
  • Sprache: englisch
  • 4 Aktionsuhren
  • Dauer: 60-90 Minuten
  • 48 Dread Karten
  • Alter: ab 13+
  • 24 Confidence Karten
  • Designer: Asger Johansen
  • 6 Antagonist Karten
  • Artist: Snorre Krogh
  • 32 Plot Karten
  • 24 Endgame Challenge Karten
  • 6 Goon Karten
  • 36 Personality Karten
  • 8 Condition Karten
  • 3 Calypso’s Secrets Karten
  • 6 Plot Platzhalter Karten
  • 32 Item Cards
  • 6 Karten Organizer
  • 16 Action Würfel
  • 1 Trauma Würfel
  • 54 Action Tokens
  • 6 Goon Tokens
  • 6 Modifier Tokens
  • 12 Virtue Tokens
  • 48 Investigation Tokens
  • 1 Dread Track Marker
  • 1 großer Aktions Marker
  • 3 kleine Aktions Marker
  • 6 Charakter Medallions
    inkl. Plastikstand
  • 1 Regelheft


Wenn Ihr Fragen habt meldet euch einfach, wir helfen gerne weiter.
Viel Spaß mit London Dread wünscht das Team von Brettspiel-Freunde.

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